I have implemented a screen fade with Scene2D. It currently fades fades out of one screen to black, then then from that black into the next screen. It would be really awesome if I could fade straight from the first screen to the new screen, without the black state between. Is this possible?

I tried using the parallel method but it just did everything all at once. I want it to kind of morph through the screens.


While rendering the two scenes, the first one over the target one, you can just make a fade effect on opacity on the first one.

Here is what i suggest :

  1. Create a "TransitionScene" wrapper that take the two scene as parameters and have them rendered and updated (override act and render)
  2. Apply a color action to have the first scene opacity move from 1 to 0
  3. When this action is finished, set your current game scene to the second one.

I have some code here that might help you get the idea, though it's probably not the best example :


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