I am using AndEngine for Android. I created a body, but it is not behind the sprite as I wanted.

                                Body.setTransform(Sprite.getX()/32, Sprite.getY()/32, 0);

This is what I am currently using and this is how it appears.

enter image description here

My body is the white circular borders, and my sprite is the red circle.

and When I remove /32 from the code the body doesn't even appear.

Extra code;

                    FIXTURE_DEF = PhysicsFactory.createFixtureDef(
                            1,     // density
                            0.75f,  // elasticity
                            0.5f, // friction
                            false); // isSensor

the Body

                Body = PhysicsFactory.createCircleBody(this.physicsWorld, Sprite, BodyType.KinematicBody, this.FIXTURE_DEF);
                this.physicsWorld.registerPhysicsConnector(new PhysicsConnector(Sprite, Body, true, true)

my sprite is 65px ..


I'm not an 'andengine' user so I can't give you the correct code.

However it seems that your problem is that you are targeting the sprite x & y position which is wrong.

You must target the sprite x + his center x, and the sprite y + his center y.

Body.setTransform((Sprite.getX() + Sprite.getWidth()/2) /32, (Sprite.getY()+Sprite.getHeight()/2)/32, 0);

I guess 32 is the indice to convert values for your box2d world. if you don't know the correct way to do it you should use this code :

 indice_w = box2d_width / render_width;
 indice_h = box2d_height / render_height;

render_width is camera viewport used to render the sprite;

box2d_width is the viewport of your box2d world;

Thus you can do this code :

Body.setTransform((Sprite.getX() + Sprite.getWidth()/2) * indice_w, (Sprite.getY()+Sprite.getHeight()/2) * indice_h, 0);

I hope this will help you.

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