I'm pretty new to game development but I work on an android app. It's a 2D Jump and Run game.

I do it in Eclipse and the map is readed out of a txt file right now. But I want to do a Jump and run game, where the player must jump over holes in the ground. Theses holes should be created randomly. So I want an infinite map, which is created randomly. Can somebody give me tips how to begin with this? How can I do a randomly generated map? I don't want the full code or something else, just a little tip how to start because I don't know how I can do this randomly generating.

Thanks in advance! Hope u know, what I mean!


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I'd define a minimal interval between two holes (I assume your map is tiled so let's say this interval is 2 tiles), then every time a new tile enters the screen, if there wasn't a hole for the previously defined interval, generate a random number to know if the new tile will be a hole.


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