I'm currently developing my own game but I'm facing a little problem. I am trying to figure out how to get the position of a fixture (collision) between two entities.

For example this:

enter image description here

(the grey rectangle is the player and the greens is an entity (not moving)).

With this code :

        Array<Contact> contacts = levelDatas.world.getContactList();
        try {
            for(Contact contact : contacts) {
                if(contact.getFixtureA().equals(playerBody.getFixtureList().get(0))) {
                if(contact.getFixtureB().equals(playerBody.getFixtureList().get(0))) {
        } catch(GdxRuntimeException exp) {

I get all the collision between a player and something else. But my problem is that I want to know where the collision is happening (on the left? on the right? bottom? top?). We can see that if there is a collision between 2 entities, a little point is draw. Anyone have a tip to give me the position of the collision?



When two fixtures collide, there are most of times multiples collisions between them, you can see those collisions with :

for (int i = 0; i < contact.getWorldManifold().getNumberOfContactPoints(); i++) {

1st you check all collsion number, then you will get the X and Y position of the given 'i' index.

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