In a multiplayer JavaScript game client, is it a good idea to poll the server periodically to refresh online user list, or keep track of joined/left users? Is there a better option?


A combination of both strategies would likely yield the best results. Just keeping track of when user join/leave might not account for situations where the user is unexpectedly disconnected. A periodic poll would likely have to happen too often to get reasonably updated list of players joining and leaving.

So, update the list when a player joins or leaves and poll less periodically.


It depends is network traffic efficiency really important to you. If it is not you might have three actions in your server:

  • connect - which will add user to a server list
  • disconnect - which will delete user for a server list
  • poll - which will periodically check all users alive status (simple ping with client app)

More complex but also better way is to use timers. Every user will have a separate timer when he joins. When the timer runs out, server will poll for his status.

  • if he is alive server reset timer
  • if he is not responding server will delete him from user list

It won`t generate as big lag as polling all users at once.


actions for the client

  • connect
  • disconnect
  • "ping" response

In other words, you are not polling server at all until server will ask you for alive status.

  • \$\begingroup\$ I am asking for the client, not the server side. My server side is a third party api. \$\endgroup\$
    – eguneys
    Jan 23 '14 at 11:30

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