I am new to cocos2D development. Basically I want to develop game in which i want to move sprite forward with walking kind animation, must look real. Any help will be appreciated.


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Basic sprite animation is really simple:

int frame_to_play = (game_tick * target_fps / tick_rate) % number_of_frames;

The result will tell you which frame (the frame_to_play-th) to show.

game_tick would be some kind of frame counter that just counts up (has to tick at least as fast as your animation is meant to be played).

target_fps is the framerate at which your animation should play (this must not be larger than tick_rate).

tick_rate is the amount of increments to game_tick per second.

number_of_frames is really just the number of frames in your animation cycle.

Note that this will create a linear/repeating animation (i.e. no partial loops or "ping pong" playback). If you want something else, you'll have to add some more logic.

How to make it look right/real? That once again requires some experimentation: Experiment with the speed your character moves (most likely something fixed/predetermined) as well as the framerate of your animation.


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