I need to limit the mipmap level loaded onto the device for certain textures, but I'm using a D3D9Ex-based engine, so I can only use D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, not D3DPOOL_MANAGED.

Microsoft's documentation says that I can use SetLOD

for a managed texture.

Does that mean that I cannot use SetLOD in D3D9Ex?


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I believe the answer is no, you cannot use SetLOD. As the documentation says, the texture must be managed which means D3DPOOL_MANAGED and which does not exist in Direct3D 9Ex.

I have a sample app which uses Direct3D 9Ex, and tried calling SetLOD, and I got a return of 0 which means it failed according to the documentation which states

This method returns 0 on nonmanaged textures


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