First, I know there's a question exactly like mine, and some ohter really close, but my implementation of the solutions didn't work at all. Ok, now to the question.

I created some forms of camera based on quaternions, however, for my orbit/chase camera every quaternion I create will roll the camera in an uncontrollable manner. What I want is a function like Unity's Quaternion.LookRotation where you can pass an up vector. This is a simplification current attempt of implementation:

Vector3 target = -Position; //Because we're looking at the origin

float cosine = Vector3.Dot(Vector3.Forward, target);
Vector3 axis = Vector3.Cross(Vector3.Forward, target);
Rotation = Quaternion.CreateFromAxisAngle(axis, (float)Math.Acos(cosine));

//Trying to unroll up vector to Vector3.Up
//based on the other answer but results were unchanged
Vector3 rolledUp = Vector3.Transform(Vector3.Up, Rotation);
Vector3 right = Vector3.Cross(target, Vector3.Up);
Vector3 newUp = Vector3.Cross(right, target);

Vector3 axis2 = Vector3.Cross(rolledUp, newUp);
float angle2 = (float) Math.Acos(Vector3.Dot(rolledUp,newUp));

Rotation = Quaternion.CreateFromAxisAngle(axis2, angle2) * Rotation;

return Matrix.CreateLookAt(
    cameraPosition: Position,
    cameraTarget: Vector3.Transform(Vector3.Forward, Rotation),
    cameraUpVector: Vector3.Transform(Vector3.Up, Rotation));

If my sleepiness got in the way of my clarity, here's what I have: quaternion result

and here's what I want: rotation matrix based result


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you should only need to rotate around the y axis or you can just say to look at the point on the y-axis at the same height of the camera


of course then you can start to optimize because axis is (0,1,0) and all the other ups will be the same again (do double check that though)


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