I am creating a game using Javascript. I am not using the HTML5 Canvas Element. The game requires both side view controlles, and Isometric controls, hence the movementMode variable.

I have got the specific angles, but I am stuck on an aspect of this.


function draw() {
            if (keyPressed) {
                if (whichKey == keys.left) {
                if (whichKey == keys.right) {
                if (whichKey == keys.up) {

                if (whichKey == keys.down) {


This gives normal up, down , left, and right. i want to refactor this so that i can plugin two variables into the move() function, which will give the movement wanted.

Now for the trig.

        / |
       /  | y
      /   |

Take This Right angled Triangle.

given that x is 1, y must be equal to tan(a)

That Seems right. However, when I do Math.tan(45), i get a number similar to 1.601. Why?

To Sum up this question.

I have a function, and i need a function which will converts an angle to a value, which will tell me the number of pixels that i need to go up by, if i only go across 1. Is it Math.tan that i want? or is it something else?


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If I'm not mistaken Math.tan(x) does not take angles as degrees, but rather radians. If you want to supply angles as degrees, try the following code sample:

function getTanDeg(deg) {
   var rad = deg * Math.PI/180;
   return Math.tan(rad);

Source - Mozilla Developer Network


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