Generally, what are the core things that one should do in the game loop, and what are some things that one shouldn't do in the game loop?

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The main game loop handles three major tasks:

  1. Get user input
  2. Update the game state
  3. Draw the game

A simple game loop just mushes these three tasks into one while loop. This has some undesired results:

  1. Game runs at different speeds on different computers.
  2. CPU (can be needlessly) pegged at 100% usage.
  3. "Game states"/menus are missing or mixed with game code.
  4. Main game loop is very long and hard to maintain.
  5. Code is difficult to extend/port to other platforms.

Advanced gamed loops address the issues listed above. Here are some useful articles:

For an excellent example game loop, take a look at the Allegro skater demo game:

Other related resources:

Game loops often do the same type of work for most games, so I have been thinking of a way to make a generalized game framework. It is better to write one implementation of a game loop and share it between games. It saves work when creating a new game, and improvements to the shared game loop can be shared by all games (for example, adding a FPS counter or screen capture feature).


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