I was searching for a game engine (Java- maybe C#) with built-in real time networking library to develop 2D cross platform (Android - iOS) multiplayer game. Actually I have not found well suited solution apart from Unity, however I don't like some of the features of Unity. (Here is Discussion)

After a while I decided to use Libgdx and tried to find a network libray that meets my requirements and I found Raknet as network engine which is written in C++ and cross-platform. So here is my question:

Is there any way to use Raknet with Libgdx, or any other solutions you recommend as engine or anything else? And also is it possible to use any C/++ library with Libgdx like Android's NDK?


There is little to no documentation on it, but LibGDX does have a platform independant (Android, Desktop, iOS and GWT) socket class.


and if you dont want to mesh with you can try kryonet networking library



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