need some support. I am novice in libgdx game engine. Below is my code

package com.game.box2d.fruitcart;

import com.badlogic.gdx.Game;
import com.badlogic.gdx.Gdx;
import com.badlogic.gdx.audio.Music;
import com.badlogic.gdx.audio.Sound;
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.GL10;
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.OrthographicCamera;
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.Sprite;
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.SpriteBatch;
import com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.TextureAtlas;
import com.badlogic.gdx.math.Rectangle;
import com.badlogic.gdx.math.Vector2;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.Body;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.BodyDef;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.BodyDef.BodyType;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.Box2DDebugRenderer;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.CircleShape;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.FixtureDef;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.PolygonShape;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.Shape;
import com.badlogic.gdx.physics.box2d.World;

public class FruitCartBox2D extends Game{

    World world;
    Box2DDebugRenderer debugRenderer;
    OrthographicCamera camera;

    static final float BOX_STEP = 1 / 60f;
    static final int BOX_VELOCITY_ITERATIONS = 6;
    static final int BOX_POSITION_ITERATIONS = 2;
    static final float WORLD_TO_BOX = 0.01f;
    static final float BOX_WORLD_TO = 100f;

    Sprite backgroundSprite;
    Sprite grassSprite;
    Sprite bucketSprite;
    Sprite fruitSprite;
    Music backgroundMusic;
    Sound dropSound;
    TextureAtlas atlas;
    SpriteBatch batch;
    Body body;
    public void create() {

        world = new World(new Vector2(0, -10), true);
        camera = new OrthographicCamera();
        camera.viewportHeight = 480;
        camera.viewportWidth = 800;
        camera.position.set(camera.viewportWidth * .5f,
                camera.viewportHeight * .5f, 0f);

        atlas = new TextureAtlas(Gdx.files.internal("data/packed.txt"));

        backgroundSprite = atlas.createSprite("background_original");
        grassSprite = atlas.createSprite("grass");
        bucketSprite = atlas.createSprite("bucket");
        fruitSprite = atlas.createSprite("apple");
        batch = new SpriteBatch();
        bucketSprite.setBounds(800 / 2 - 80 / 2, 35,80, 80);

        BodyDef bodyDef = new BodyDef();
        bodyDef.type = BodyType.DynamicBody;
        bodyDef.position.set(camera.viewportWidth / 2,
                camera.viewportHeight / 2);

        body = world.createBody(bodyDef);

        FixtureDef fixtureDef = new FixtureDef();
        fixtureDef.shape = new PolygonShape();
        fixtureDef.density = 1.0f;
        fixtureDef.friction = 1.0f;
        fixtureDef.restitution = 1;


        debugRenderer = new Box2DDebugRenderer();

    public void render() {

        Gdx.gl.glClearColor(0, 0, 0, 1);

        debugRenderer.render(world, camera.combined);



        Sprite sprite = (Sprite) body.getUserData();
        sprite.setBounds(100, 400, 40, 45);


In above code, I have added a background in the form of sprites.It's working fine. After that, there is a fruitSprite, now I want to handle it with box2d so that I can apply gravity on fruitSprite. To achieve this, I've created a dynamic body, added fixture. Now, the problem is here : when I add a polygon shape to fixture and than attached to a body, it gives an unexpected error. It doesn't show any stacktrace. Following is the snapshot of error encountered.


If, I remove polygon shape from fixture, than it gives NullPointerException which shows that shape is mandatory for fixturedef.

I want to add fruitSprite to the box2d body so that I don't have to handle gravity of fruit.

Any help is appreciable, struggling from last 3-4 days.

  • \$\begingroup\$ This is very much a "debug my code" question. I suggest you ask in chat. \$\endgroup\$
    – MichaelHouse
    Sep 12 '13 at 1:02

You haven't set any vertices on the shape. Create a new polygonshape and set the vertices of the shape using setAsBox or set(float[] vertices). Have a look at the documentation!


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