I am porting my game from GLES2 to GLES2-AnchorCenter branch. I am using

import org.andengine.util.HorizontalAlign;
import org.andengine.util.color.Color;
import org.andengine.entity.particle.modifier.ExpireParticleInitializer;

... but these aren't available in GLES2-AnchorCenter branch, it seems. Could anybody guide me on this?


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You import statement seems to be wrong because in GLES2 and GLES2-Anchor Centre branch contain Color class resides in different package.

In GLES2-AnchorCenter branch, you can found Color class in following package.

Color Class

So make change in your import statement as like above.


Here's an alternate package reference that worked for me:

import org.andengine.util.adt.color.Color;

thanks to: http://android.kul.is/2013/09/tutorial-andengine-extensions-and-examples.html


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