I'm making a game for Android with AndEngine.

It's going quite well, but now I'm stuck on something. My main character has a elasticity set in its fixturedef so it bounces around throughout the game. Now i want the user to be able to not let the player bounce when he does a control.

So my question: how can I modify the elasticity of my character? Because I saw you can adjust the setDensity and setFriction, but I cant see the setElasticity....

Thanks in advance!

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Following way you can change the restitution or elasticity of any body in box2d.

ArrayList<Fixture> fixtureList = body.getFixtureList();
    for (Fixture fixture : fixtureList)

This is because elasticity is expressed as a coeficient of restitution. Look for setRestitution (float restitution).


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