I'm a huge Tiny Wings fan and I'd like to understand the game mechanic at a deeper level. What are some good resources for the basic Box2d (or similar) physics behind the hill-jumping game mechanic?

I've used some basic features of Box2d. I imagine the flying character is just a circle, tapping the screen increases the downward force on the character, and the hills are some sort of curve object from the physics engine.

Edit #1 Here's more info: I'd like to understand which objects from the Box2d physics library are used to create the bare-bones hill-jumping mechanic. This mechanic would look like a "curvy" horizontal line that just scrolls across the screen. The most basic shape for this line that comes to mind is a sine wave so that's probably a good starting point.

Then there's the character that moves around. Note the character's horizontal position is fixed while the vertical position moves up and down. I'm curious about which Box2d body shape, type etc is used for this character. What are some values for the coefficient of friction that work well? How about the density etc.

I've searched around the web for tutorials that ideally will answer the above questions and perhaps provide additional resources regarding efficiency, camera motion and so on.


You should check out this tutorial by Ray Wenderlich. It uses Cocos2d + Box2d to show how to write a game like Tiny Wings.

The first part of the tutorial explains how to create dynamic textures: http://www.raywenderlich.com/3888/how-to-create-a-game-like-tiny-wings-part-1

Second part is how to use Box2d for the gameplay: http://www.raywenderlich.com/3913/how-to-create-a-game-like-tiny-wings-part-2


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