My question is a simple one.

Functionally, practically, and performance-wise, what are the differences between using a D3DX Texture Shader, and using a Pixel/Fragment Shader rendered with a full width/height quad to a texture?

  _In_   const DWORD *pFunction,
  _Out_  LPD3DXTEXTURESHADER *ppTextureShader
  _Inout_  LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 pTexture,
  _In_     LPD3DXTEXTURESHADER pTextureShader

Are the above methods just syntactic sugar for performing the same task?


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Texture shaders actually does not exists on a GPU. They are just emulated in drivers. What it means is, that using them is very slow and you shouldn't use them in a real-time application like game.

If you looking for clearing textures just use clear function. If you want to create texture procedurally i do recommend binding it as a rendertarget and using rendering pipeline


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