I'm currently looking into level design books. So far I've read two, The How's And Why's of Level Design and the Ultimate Level Design Guide.

While both were useful they did not discuss layout and space sequencing as much as I was looking for. I'm looking for stuff like this:

enter image description here

I couldn't find books that pertain to this specific subject. Do you happen to know any?


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The word you're looking for is "Pacing" for space sequencing.

I don't think that you're going to find much more than blogs by designers and the occasional post mortem with a design section.

Have you tried looking up syllabuses that include environment and level design to see what their reading list looks like?

However, 100% of the designers I know learned their patterns from tearing apart and studying existing games. When someone asks "how do I become a designer" and all the answers come back "play games" they really mean "play games and dissect everything they do."

To summarize: play a lot of games, find if the designer/company has a development blog.

And check this out: David Perry's Design Challenge


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