I am trying to make an InputManager class that will let me basically bridge XNA's various input methods and do a corresponding action in my game. Part of this is designing different keybindings.

Suppose I have a class GamePadBinding : InputBinding<Button> - this is the Button enum from XNA.Input and has a variety of different buttons (Left, A, etc). However, to actually check input, I have to call something like if (GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One).DPad.Left == ButtonState.Pressed), and the problem with that is that it uses a struct with readonly values.

How am I expected to store an enum of type Button and compare that with this? I really am not seeing the point of this enum.


You can check the button state easier using the GamePadState.IsButtonUp and GamePadState.IsButtonDown methods. These both accept an Input.Buttons parameter.

See the MSDN article.


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