Imagine a soccer game. While the player is playing a match, he is seeing the billboards all the time.

I want to include that kind of advertisements in my game (obviouly, making profit). Just a brand logo, not a banner the user has to click.

Does this even exist? Is there any AdMob like which allows this kind of advertisement?


I found three advertising agency's that seem to offer exactly what you're searching for:

Reloaded Advertising

Dynamic In-Game Advertising,
Console Integration,
Mobile In-Game Advertising,
Static In-Game Advertising,
Inventory Management

Game Diamond

Static In-Game Advertising,
Dynamic In-Game Advertising,
Virtual World Advertising

Engage Advertising

Fixed product & brand integration,
Dynamic integration,
Partnetship marketing,
Branded game publishing,
Game communities,

I also found two pdf brochures that might be of interest for you (You could grab contact information from there):

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  • \$\begingroup\$ Wow, thanks man! I only found something about IGA wordlwide, and their web is not working. I'll have a look at these, but I doubt they are interested in small audience android games. \$\endgroup\$ – Roman Rdgz Dec 14 '12 at 9:22

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