I have a game that uses the accelerometer to move a guy back and forth on the screen. After a few seconds the screen goes dim. Is there any way to keep it alive and bright during the game activity?


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With the PowerManager API, you can acquire and release locks to:

  • prevent your device to pause;
  • prevent your device to dim;
  • force brightness
  • ...

Warning you must add one permission:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" />

I try like that in oncreate on activity start


This blog post covers the three ways of achieving this:


Basically, you either:

  • tell android through your layout xml that you want to keep the screen alive
  • tell android through a call to window manager to keep the screen on during oncreate
  • use wakelocks to force the device to use full power at all time (and drain batteries)

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