HI All, what is the steps of to install the unity package in to iphone and create a build (app file )that my client can also able to install in his iphone .

Thanks, balraj.

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Here are some tutorials that you might find useful from UnifyCommunity.

Then there's this presentation over on Scribd regarding "Unity iPhone Newbie Guide"; maybe that's something you would like to read.

Then there's the iPhone Publishing page directly from the horses mouth over at Unity.


Without putting your application in the iStore, you will need to configure a team environment set up with your developer account where you have both your device and your clients device added as a development devices. That being said, your client may need a developer account? Keep in mind that this might not be something the client really wants to do and their phone may need to be updated/synchronized/reformatted.

In any event, I think you will have to transfer your xcode files to the client and walk them through the deployment process if you don't have physical access to the device...

It gets a little hairy at this point, I am working on a project where were just trying to get all our developers and testers able to deploy to their iDevices it becomes a bit of a process for a simple development deploy.

Let us know how it works out...


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