I want to use LWJGL to create a shader that all it does is change the color of the given texture. For example I tell it to draw the letter A using a sprite sheet then I can tell the shader to draw the letter in a certain color. How would you do something like this without needed to create different colored letter sprite sheets?

Task for the shader: Simply change all pixels to a certain color in the texture. Input: Color , texture. Output: it draws onto the screen the new colored texture.

How do i accomplish such a thing?


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I am using the shaders from the OpenGL ES Book Chapter 9 Sample as base link.

First, I'll need a variable to pass the vextex color to the vertex shader. But I would also need to send this information to the fragment shader with a varying variable. Like this:

attribute vec4 a_color;
varying vec4 v_color;

Then, I'll just pass this information to the fragment shader from my vertex shader:

v_color = a_color;

In the fragment shader, where I would have the line gl_FragColor = texture2D( s_texture, v_texCoord );, I could just do something like:

gl_FragColor = texture2D( s_texture, v_texCoord ) * v_color;

So, if you have a texture with values (1,1,1,1), and a v_color with values (1,0,0,1) (Red), it will result in (1, 0, 0, 1).


If you are using fixed function OpenGL with GL lights, you need to tell it to modulate the base color (from glColor and lighting equations) with the texture:


Otherwise, just multiply the vertex color by the texture color in the fragment shader.


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