I've been making simple game where you shoot boxes that are coming towards you. All game objects are simple rectangles.

Now I have problem with collision detection; how to check where the collision comes so I can change the coordinates right? I have this kind of situation:


Imagine that all of those blocks are moving towards you (green box). If those orange boxes collide with each other, they should "avoid" themselves and not go through each other. I have class Enemy which has properties x, y and such. Now I'm doing the collision like this:

        // os.Count is an amount of other enemies colliding with this enemy
        if (os.Count == 0) {   // If enemy doesn't collide with other enemy
            lasty = y;
            lastx = x;
            slope = (x - player.x) / (y - player.y);
            x += slope * l; // l is "movement speed" of enemy (float)
            if (y > player.y) {
                y = lasty;
            } else if (y < player.y) {
                y += l;
        } else {
            foreach(Enemy b in os) {   
                if (b.y > this.y) {  // If some colliding enemy is closer player than this enemy, that closer one will be moved towards the player
                    b.lasty = b.y;
                    if (!BiggestY(os)) { // BiggestY returns true if this enemy has the biggest Y
                        b.y += b.l;
                    b.x = b.lastx;

But this is very, very bad way to do this. I know it, but I just can't figure out other way. And as a matter in fact, this method doesn't even work pretty good; if multiple enemies are colliding same enemy they go through each other.

I explained this pretty badly, but I hope that you understand this.

And to sum up, as I said: How to check where the collision comes so I can change the coordinates right?

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You could use a physics library such as Box2DX: this would handle the collisions, as well as physics which would make your collisions work/look better.

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