I'm 24 and have a passion for video games and game-design. I've decided I want to design video games as my career.

I have no experience with designing video games or coding but I'm interested and willing to learn. I want a job at any level but what would I need to land a job?

I have no college experience and I have no money. What is a cheap school, or do I really need to go to school for this, or can I learn on my own? Is it possible to do this with no money? I'm literally broke but I want this so bad I feel like its the only career I'll enjoy.

I want to call up company's and ask them what they are looking for in someone they want to hire, is that a good idea?

Also I don't know the history of video game design and I don't want to sound like a dummy when someone says something about this field or talks about a famous designer and I have no idea who they're talking about. So what is key info when it comes to this field and where should I find it?

Hopefully some of you guys and girls can help me out: I know in the future I will create something everyone will enjoy and you guys will remember when you gave me advice and I will always remember you guys for helping me. I'm gifted I know I am and I want to share my gift with the rest of the world by making games that change the Industry. Help me out please.


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You said "I have no experience with designing video games or coding", but you haven't said what you're able to do... I hope you have at least a very deep IT knowledge. To do career in videogame-industry is very hard, most of the times you should start with an indie game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indie_game). If you gain success with that you can then report it in your CV or you can start your own business.

Anyway, if you need money you should work in a different industry and try to develop your game in your free time.


In case you haven't checked it out yet, this is a site that is very good to read when a person has questions like yours:



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