I'm working on a platformer where I'd like to be able to move or copy bodies between multiple Box2D b2Worlds. The desire has cropped up three times now - moving objects between documents in my editor, moving the player between levels in normal game play, and giving the player a preview of a non-trivial projectile they can shoot in the game, which seems to be most accurately done by simulating the world for a few seconds ahead.

It looks like I can make a parallel world the "long way" - for each body in the world, copy the body data back into a def and re-create it, then copy the fixtures on it in the same way, then do the same for joints; re-set all the velocities; and if it's a "move" rather than a "copy" delete the original one.

I was wondering if someone has already written this code (and if so, was it actually a workable design or not?), or if Box2D has some affordance for doing this within its API which I am missing.

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    \$\begingroup\$ @Pavel Yes, I am sure he expected someone to explain what made it a workable design or not even if he didn't ask for it explicitly. As an answer of "Yes" would be downvoted more than likely. Also, being petty helps no one. \$\endgroup\$ – Jesse Dorsey Sep 28 '10 at 21:20

Thanks for reminding me about this.

The answer, is no, you can't do this in stock Box2D. Joints don't have enough accessors to get back a correct JointDef. You can back-def-ify simple bodies, but nothing jointed, and the simple bodies are usually trivial enough you wouldn't need to do a copy of the world to predict their motion accurately anyway.


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