Back in March 2011 i started the following post: How to design a leaderboard?

Now my quiz game have been out for approximately a year and sold pretty decently. I am working on to update the game design and is again looking into the leaderboard design to make it better as i am not happy with it.

Currently i rate players on number of correct answers, which is not good as it does not consider things like number of games, difficulty levels etc. I also have "extended" stats behind the UITableView (Leaderboard).

  • A player can play based on three levels of difficulty: hard, medium or easy
  • Difficulty levels can be mixed between players in a game
  • Each game can be one to six players, so there can be single games or duels
  • Between 2 and 30 questions per game

As i am considering integrating Game Center Leaderboard i need to design a better rating system so i would like to ask for some ideas how to do the rating based on the above.

I am thinking about how much a point would be worth and what it includes.


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Here's a few ideas:

  • Create a separate leaderboard for each difficulty level.
  • You might also want to consider having second set of leaderboards which auto reset say once a month.
  • I'd be tempted to use something like an Elo system for ranking. That is you start with a fixed number of points, and gain or lose a variable number of points based on the difficulty of your opponents. Maybe with the maximum point gain/loss based on the question count.
  • Using the Elo system would require a different design for the single player leaderboard, so that would need to be separate too. How about 1000*(correct answers/(incorrect answers + K)) where K is there to limit the maximum score for people who've only answered a few questions. You could apply results from multiplayer games to the single player leaderboards if you want to.

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