As part of the project i am working on I am looking to produce some software that works on a LCD display (think call center info boards) and displays various graphs (the bars grow etc in realtime, so incoming call stats etc etc) and flicks between various 'plug-ins'.

I asked before, and WPF was suggested, and it looks excellent.. However i really need to keep to Java (work standards).. So the question is what XNA style API is the best for this, I can see that JMonkey etc seem to provide 3d stuff, but I also need sprites etc.

For example: Think, defused 3d planet rotating in the background, while call stats are printed over the top.


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Depending on how much 3D you're really going to use will most likely be the largest factor.

Primarily 2D:

If your application is primarily 2D(like 95% to really make this a viable option) then use the Slick engine which is a 2D engine. 3D models will have to be done directly in openGL via SlickCallable.

Primarily 3D:

It might be a lot easier to use the JMonkeyEngine 3 and use textured billboards if you need a lot of 3D graphics. A lot of the expected sprite handling will needed to be coded by yourself though, although you can stay within the world of JMonkey and not have to drop to openGL.

Unique Hybrid of 2D and 3D:

Depending on how much interleaving of 2D and 3D technology you need it might be more beneficial to create your own hybrid engine straight from LWJGL.

A tutorial on how to build a 2D/3D asteroid game is located here

Source code here

  • \$\begingroup\$ Cheers.. I was already looking at Slick, and for the prototyping its spot on.. Very rapid prototyping. \$\endgroup\$
    – joe90
    Commented Sep 10, 2010 at 10:28

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