Is it possible to generate 3D models using some sort of object transformation (like it's shown here), using PovRay or any other tool, and import them into Blender / Unity?

For example starting with a primitive sphere:

enter image description here

And applying a series of transforms/noise to generate something like:

enter image description here

Then baking them in, resulting in a 3D model of an asteroid that can be used in game.


Yes, you should actually be able to do this within Blender using a Python scripting. There are plenty of functions available for modifying meshes. You should be able to follow the tutorial you provided, converting the methods into Python and adapting them to modify a mesh of your choosing.

Alternatively, you could write a application in your language of choice. Perform the operations described in the tutorial on an array of vertices. Finally, output the vertices into one of the popular formats that Blender imports and import the mesh into Blender for further manipulation or whatever you end goal is.

It does appear you can go from PovRay to Blender if your scene is made entirely of meshes. I don't know much about PovRay, but I don't see any indicator that the tutorial uses meshes, so you may be out of luck there.

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