I made an Android game, and I uploaded and published it to Google Play. Then, I installed it on my phone.

Why can't I see the install count, on its Google Play page?


Since you just uploaded it today, you won't see the number of installs yet. See the documentation where it says the statistics are updated on a daily basis. The statistics are not "live". You'll only be able to see how many people downloaded on a given day after the day is over. This is similar to Google Analytics. So be patient and check back later. Congrats on publishing a game.


Google doesn’t release the official downloads/revenue numbers publicly, so it’s impossible to know the exact download numbers for any app—— unless you’re Google, the actual app publisher/developer, or have access to their credentials.

Sensor Tower allows you to see pinpoint download (& revenue) estimates from the previous month for nearly any app in their free platform. You can access daily and more granular data/figures with their Store Intelligence product, which is used by mobile leaders like Zynga, Uber and Supercell.

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