I made an Android game, and I uploaded and published it to Google Play. Then, I installed it on my phone.

Why can't I see the install count, on its Google Play page?


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Since you just uploaded it today, you won't see the number of installs yet. See the documentation where it says the statistics are updated on a daily basis. The statistics are not "live". You'll only be able to see how many people downloaded on a given day after the day is over. This is similar to Google Analytics. So be patient and check back later. Congrats on publishing a game.


Google doesn’t release the official downloads/revenue numbers publicly, so it’s impossible to know the exact download numbers for any app—— unless you’re Google, the actual app publisher/developer, or have access to their credentials.

Sensor Tower allows you to see pinpoint download (& revenue) estimates from the previous month for nearly any app in their free platform. You can access daily and more granular data/figures with their Store Intelligence product, which is used by mobile leaders like Zynga, Uber and Supercell.

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