I am trying to import an animated character body (with skeleton) from 3D Studio Max to JMonkeyEngine 3, but while we succeeded at importing some animations, we cannot seem to export the skeleton to .skeleton.xml using OgreXML format. Since OgreXML seems to be the favored way to import models into JME, we dropped .obj files and such.

How can I get a .3ds file into my JMonkeyEngine project?

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JMonkeyEngine does not natively support .3ds as of this writing. Your best bet is going to be to wrangle your .3ds models into a format it does support, such as .blend or .obj.

If you don't need the animations, I'd go with .obj. Even though it may not be "favored," it sounds like it will work, and that's more important.

You could also import the Max file into Blender and then save it, since the engine's asset pipeline supports .blend.

It appears that as of the beginning of January, support for importing .3ds was added, but it's unclear whether this was only a community-build set of scripts or if it will eventually make it into the real product.

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