I'm looking for a source of 3D models (cars, game characters, furnitures etc.) which are usable in an open-source 3D game.

I found various website with free/opensource .blend files. However it is not easy to convert them en mass to jMonkeyEngine compatible format. You must open each one in blender, unpack the texture, and then use a python blender plugin to convert them into Ogre3DXML. It is not very convenient.

I want to try out many models, and find out which suits me the best. Converting each one of them by hand is not very scalable.

How do you get models for your 3D games?

Is there a standalone .blend => usable format in jMonkeyEngine/OGRE3D converted?


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There are one major source of open sourced models for Ogre3D available:

WorldForge Media Repository

WorldForge assets are licensed under the GPL, meaning that you need to contribute back any changes, but you're free to use the models in any project, closed source too.

Then, a repository not directly available in Ogre format, but very useful none the less:

Ryzom Asset Repository

Ryzom assets are licensed under the CC by Sa (Creative Commons) license.

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I've also found Ogre models at Turbo Squid: http://www.turbosquid.com/

You do have to look for them though.


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