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Does a neat way to cache the geometry shader results in Direct3D10 or OpenGL exist? (preferably Direct3D10).

I'm building my geometry based on texture sampling and I want to do it only once. So, when the first frame of the scene is rendered, this geometry is build and I want to substitute the geometry building process with simple vertex / index buffer rendering.

I hope this can be achieved without intervening into the non-shader code, but if it doesn't, what should I do? I guess the geometry can somehow be "snapshotted" right before the rasterizing stage, can it?


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Yes; the feature that does this is called "stream-out". For D3D10, the documentation can be found here. It captures the geometry shader output to a vertex buffer you specify, which can then be re-used.

For OpenGL, the same functionality exists under the name "transform feedback". The relevant OpenGL spec can be found here.


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