I'm having trouble finding documentation on SDL_gfx, and I can't figure this out. I've managed to use SDL_gfx to automatically cap the framerate, and I it's working a lot better than my manual attempt (combining SDL_Delay and SDL_Getticks).

Now I've been trying to learn more about it, and I stumbled onto something.
Here's the whole struct:

typedef struct {
             Uint32 framecount;
             float rateticks;
             Uint32 lastticks;
             Uint32 rate;
     } FPSmanager;

Most variables in this struct are pretty straightforward, but I have no idea of what lastticks stands for. Does anyone know?


To put it simply, lastticks is used to to store the result of calling SDL_GetTicks(), or in other words, the number of miliseconds that have passed since the SDL library was initialized.

This is supported by looking at the SDL_framerate.cpp implementation file, and noticing that every assignment to lastticks is as follows:

manager->lastticks = SDL_GetTicks();       // Lines 23 and 81
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