Using GLFW to create the main window

Example c++

wS->win->hdl = glfwCreateWindow(wS->win->width, wS->win->height, wS->win->appName, NULL, NULL);

The created window for a moment has a white background, until openGL is setup and rendering the correct color (between glfwCreateWindow and first call to glClear).

In dark mode on a large monitor it is almost painful having a sudden flash of full white.

My current solution is to open the window as small as possible, resizing it when openGL is ready. This is a hack and it would be nice to be able to set the default window background color to match the current display mode of the OS (dark / light modes)


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A better hack?

After some trial and error I found a solution that is still a hack but much better than resizing.

Immediately after creating the window with wS->win->hdl = glfwCreateWindow((wS->win->width, wS->win->height, wS->win->appName, NULL, NULL); call glfwSwapBuffers(wS->win->hdl);

The default state of the back buffer seams to be black and overwrites the white window content.


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