I'm writing some C++ on a Windows system to extract latency from Win32 API so that I can make a ubiquitous ping/latency overlay for windows/DX apps, but the values I receive from Windows do not correlate with in-game performance.

Could someone please explain what's going on and how I can obtain values that have a direct correlation with those found in-game? i.e. high in-game ping should be able to be detected via Windows Win32 API in near realtime.

In the example, I've loaded up:

  1. Resource monitor - the gameserver is
  2. GW2 (DirectX) - bottom right of the ingame options menu
  3. an MSI Afterburner overlay - displayed ontop of the minimap

The MSI Afterburner overlay using Win32 API is calling GetPerTcpConnectionEStats (iphlpapi.h) to get TCP_ESTATS_PATH_ROD_v0. SampleRtt is being used in the example.

GW2 latency (ping) measurement comparisons



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