I'm using the snow landscape as described here:


This is the full path to the material:


However, I cannot find anywhere this M_Athena_Terrain_IceBiome.M_Athena_Terrain_IceBiom in content browser or file explorer. Double clicking on that material doesn't open anything. So, it seems that I cannot edit that material, and I can't even find/locate it.

If I can create a new material that's based on that Athena icebiome, that'd work too, but it seems like I can only create materials from scratch.

The reason I'm trying to edit this material is that I need to connect a landscape visibility mask to its Opacity Mask so I can use the Visibility tool to create a hole inside that snowy mountain/terrain.

I'm using Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN), but I think it's pretty close to the full UE5.



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