I made a character in Godot 4 that enters from one side of the image and exits from the other side, which shows its different modes randomly each time. I have written these codes for it:

extends RigidBody2D

@export var min_speed = 150.0
@export var max_speed = 250.0

func _ready():
    $AnimatedSprite2D.playing = true
    var mob_types = $AnimatedSprite2D.frames.get_animation_names()
    $AnimatedSprite2D.animation = mob_types[randi() % mob_types.size()]

func _on_visible_on_screen_notifier_2d_screen_exited():

but when I press the F5 key, it displays this error:

Invalid set index 'playing'(on base: 'AnimatedSprite2D')with value of type 'bool'.

What is the problem? How should I write the codes?


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The error is telling you that AnimatedSprite2D does not have a playing property (to which you are trying assign a bool).

The AnimatedSprite2D can hold multiple animations, and you are supposed to tell it which one you want to play by calling the play method:


Or by setting the animation property (which are already doing).

Thus, I believe that removing the offending line is sufficient to make your code work.


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