I want to position a 3D object at my mouse cursor. How can I do that in Godot? In Unity, I'd use Camera.ScreenToWorldPoint.


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Camera3D.project_position is the Godot equivalent function.

Here's an implementation that can either move the position with fixed orientation or can also point the cursor object. I'm using _g to indicate which values are in worldspace (global) to avoid confusion with localspace.

extends Node3D

@onready var camera := get_parent() as Camera3D
@export_range(1, 1000) var depth := 10.0
@export var should_only_set_position := false

func _process(_dt):
    var mouse_pos = get_viewport().get_mouse_position()
    var cursor_pos_g = camera.project_position(mouse_pos, depth)

    if should_only_set_position:
        # To just position it, set global_position and set the desired
        # orientation in your scene.
        global_position = cursor_pos_g

        # To make the cursor point at the centre of the screen, ensure it faces
        # -z direction.
        var cam_forward_g = -camera.get_global_transform().basis.z
        var look_pos_g = camera.global_position + cam_forward_g * depth * 1.5
        look_at_from_position(cursor_pos_g, look_pos_g)

Since Godot's forward direction is -z (?!), you need to point your cursor along the -z axis for it to be oriented correctly. (Notice cam_forward_g is also -z.) If you have trouble, add some extra arms to make the orientation changes very obvious.

animation showing the cursor following the mouse and pointing at the centre

Cursor has the above script and it has some shapes underneath it to make it visible:

Hierarchy in the cursor scene

I put it under the camera, but you could also a export to let it live anywhere: @export var camera : Camera3D instead.

Hierarchy in the main scene

You could also change this code to make look_pos_g the global position of an object you're going to interact with or your player character.


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