I am following this tutorial on babylon.js and managed to export a .babylon file, but when I load it with:

SceneLoader.ImportMesh('meshName-01', './scenes/', 'character01.babylon', scene, sceneLoadedCallback)

The SceneLoadedCallback function gets an empty array for skeletons and newMeshes, according to this example I expected skeletons to be populated.

Some background information:

  • To export from Blender I use the plugin BlenderToBabylon Exporter version 3.3
  • Im running Babylon v5.27.1 on Ubuntu, building with webpack 5.53 although babylon assets are just copied to the dist folder
  • When exporting from Blender I did not check "Export only selected objects"
  • In Blender, all objects in the Scene Collection are visible and I am able to play animations on the character.
  • The babylon code is written on JS, there are no warnings or errors, the callback function is executed fine (it has only a console.log but it works fine).
  • The exported babylon file is around 5 MBs big, which seems ok since the downloaded assets from Mixamo are around 2.5 MBs combined (ybot + animation punching + animation block)
  • Here is a chunk of the implementing code:
const canvas = document.getElementById(container_id)
const engine = new Engine(canvas)
const scene = new Scene(engine)
const camera = new FreeCamera('camera1', new Vector3(0, 5, -10), scene)
camera.attachControl(canvas, true)

const light = new HemisphericLight('light1', new Vector3(0, 1, 0), scene)
SceneLoader.ImportMesh('meshName-01', './scenes/', 'character01.babylon', scene, sceneLoadedCallback)

function sceneLoadedCallback(newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons) {
  console.log('sceneLoadedCallback', {newMeshes, skeletons})

Have I done something wrong that causes the skeletons to be empty? maybe I did a bad export from blender? a bad import on babylon code?



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