I am trying to emulate Photoshops "SoftLight" blending with a custom shader made in shadergraph. I would like to add that shader to an image or sprite, so it gets blended with the effect over all underlying graphics.

However, the shader does not work as expected, it just blends with either grey or the default Unity background. It seems the Scene Color node does not pick up anything.

What am I doing wrong here, or is there an different solution to achieve this effect. Graph:

Object Settings:

Result looks like this, the colorfull images are a sprite move to the left and an image inside a canvas to the top. Non e of the get piocked up correctly, as the blend image is still mostly grey (moved a bit to the bottom right)


I am Using URP, i already checked all the suggested solutions on the forums, I made sure "Opaque Texture" is enabled in the Pipeline. My Unity is version 2019.4.13f.

Pipeline Settings




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