I'm developing simple traffic educational game, like "Allianz Křižovatky". When the player taps on a car sprite, it should start to move with the other cars. If the player made a mistake in choosing a car, a collision happens.

I decided to use AndEngine for this game, because I have time limitations in developing it. How do I make the car automatically move along a specified path, with smooth turns? How would I specify this path on a map?


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If you already know the path then to make it move smoothly you would apply a low-pass filter to the actual movement. A simple low-pass filter that might work for you is the weighted moving average.

For example, instead of snapping the car directly to the path like this:

car.x = pathNode.x
car.y = pathNode.y

You would only move the car partway to where the next node is:

car.x = car.x + (pathNode.x - car.x) * 0.8
car.y = car.y + (pathNode.y - car.y) * 0.8

This gives up some accuracy to smooth out sharp turns over time. You will have to play around with the weight (0.8 in this case) until it looks good.


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