I am building a modpack right now, and I want to add the ability for the Orechid from botania to generate mekanism ores

I installed crafttweaker, and I set up a development environment without issues. I'm using visual studio code, btw.

I am able to run simple programs, like a basic "Hello World!" program that prints to the logs without issue, but whenever I want to import anything I always get a "cannot find type:__________" error. I used the exact code from the documentation (import mods.jei.JEI;) and I have JEI, but I get an "Error compiling scripts: main.zs:2.0: cannot find type mods.jei.JEI

I've tried importing crafttweaker.item.IItemStack. same issue.

I've spent well over an hour troubleshooting this and have gotten precisely nowhere. Thanks for any help guys



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