I made the following:

enter image description here

Notice the [Button] node has two execute ports. The CLICKED exec port is executed when a button is clicked. The other exec port is supposed to always execute. But right now it executes always except when the button is clicked.

Right now I have:

enum class EButton : uint8
    UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "ImGui", Meta = (ExpandEnumAsExecs = "Branches"))
    static void Button(FString text, EButton& Branches);
void UImGuiComponent::Button(FString text, EButton& Branches)

    if (ImGui::Button(FString_to_char_pointer(text))) {
        Branches = EButton::CLICKED;
    else {
        Branches = EButton::NONE;

How can it be controlled that multiple exec output ports are (not) executed. I'm looking for a solution in c++, please.



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