I created an empty project, added a VR Origin + a VR Camera and added the following script to the spacial root:

extends Node

func _ready():
    var arvr_interface = ARVRServer.find_interface("Native mobile")
    if arvr_interface and arvr_interface.initialize():
        get_viewport().arvr = true

I exported it to Android. Now the VR works, but the camera behaves strangely. When I rotate the phone, the camera reacts directly, but jumps back and then moves slowly to the correct position. However, it's not a lag, because the framerate is fine.

This happens on my ZTE Blade v2020 (Android 10), but not on one Samsung Galaxy (with Android 9, /e/ mod). On one Nokia, it's visible too, but less intense.

Here's a video, where I move the camera up and down, and a bit right and left at the end: https://www.veed.io/view/f097b929-59d1-4344-ab33-7bb63c5ba395

Here's a video in an Unity VR App, how it's expected to look like: https://www.veed.io/view/27c4a68e-9376-49ea-a700-2b4abf450d96

Is it a bug, or a misconfiguration?



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