I am making a VR project in Unity and am working on a modular character customization system. I am relatively new to Unity, so direction on how to approach this aspect of the project would be appreciated! Here are the details:


In its simplest form, the player (a robot in-game) should be able to connect and disconnect their hand and swap it out for different hand types. The different hands will all pose and be rigged the same, some having an identical model or similarly shaped models. The difference in the hands could vary, such as shooting lasers or shocking enemies, but all we need to focus on is inheriting the correct finger pose position data once attached.


I have procedural finger curling working for hands using the AutoHands plugin that is currently acting as a "base", unable to physically interact with the environment and transparent. I call this the Outline Hand.


How should the hand game object being attached, which CAN physically interact with the environment, copy the pose data from the Outline Hand once attached?

How I think of it working is some trigger that tells the hand, "yes you are attached, now copy the Outline Hand's finger positions!" but I don't know how to do that copying of the finger poses.



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