I need to build the unity asset bundles for a very large amount of assets.

When writing my code to do exactly that, I found out one can give a buildMap to the BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles function to build all files at once.

Although the code is definitely shorter and should be faster doing it this way (with the other option being building one file at a time separately), I am afraid doing this for an extremely large amount of files might cause the system to run out of memory and actually become very slow.

The problem now is that I only have a small amount of testing assets currently, so passing everything at once to BuildAssetBundles works just fine, but I need to build the system to be able to handle a very large amount of assets (i.e. tens of thousands) in the future.

If anyone with some experience of working with large asset datas and can help me answer my question I will be grateful.


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