I am working on a mobile game where its core gameplay includes a bunch of objects (can exceed 100) walking around autonomously in an environment where they push each other and get pushed by other objects too,

Each object can basically do the following:

  • Make character move from point A to point B

  • character can push objects with lower pass and get blocked by object with larger mass

  • there are dynamic walls and "doors" that moves across the level and the push the characters accordingly

  • all of the above happens for a minimum of 40 rigidbodies at once, and it can reach ~200 sometimes.

Currently I am using rigidbodies but it is not ideal at all:

enter image description here

I am looking for a solution to do this without unity physics because it's too heavy for a mobile game.

The closest example to the game am making is something like Join Clash 3D and the multiplier component of Count Master, but the main difference is that in my game the world "hazards" don't kill your unit, they block them from moving and push them around when necessary.



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