We are building a procedural voxel terrain based game and have been doing really well. However we have hit a challenge that we have half the solution for. We need to figure out how to loop the terrain when the player reaches the edge of the terrain to flow to the other side of the map when the user gets in proximity of one edge or another.

We know that we are going to have to make the edges vertices mirrors of the opposite side to make sure that the user is unaware of the fact that they are simply walking on a plan wrapped into a torus. This creating a seamless feel.

However, the part that ware not sure of is how to handle the process of loading the opposite side of the map. We are using Procedural Mesh

The part that we are not sure of is how to do the loading of the other edge of the map and do it the most efficient way possible. We have found several people online that suggest level streaming however we are not sure if that is the right approach for our current setup. Also our other problem is what is the best way to look for what would be the "adjacent" chunks from the other side of the map.

Shareable Details

Terrain is a procedural mesh.

We are storing the vertices data in the recommended fashion per unreal documentation.

We are generating the terrain in chunks.


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