Xybots is a pseudo FPS game akin to Dungeon Master on the Amiga. Instead of smooth movement in any direction in a game like Doom, your player is on a grid and can move only in four directions, and can only turn in 90 degrees in any direction. I'm noodling around with an idea for a game like this and am having trouble finding anything as to how it was done.

video of Dungeon Master

video of Xybots (arcade)

If you look at both videos you'll see that in Xybots, there is a smooth animated transition when the player turns or moves forwrad where there isn't one in Dungeon Master, which presents more like a HyperCard stack. My question is what technique(s) how do you think I can create that effect without relying on anything 3D? My best guess is that the wall panels are all sprites but I'm not sure. There's also a lynx version where the transitions were preserved and I know for sure that machine had a special chip for sprite manipulations but nothing capable of meaningful 3D...


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