We are developing a VR collaboration tool for advanced product development and are running in to technical debt. I want to improve this by do Test Automation using unit testing (Unity test runner with Nunit?) and integration testing. For the integration testing I struggle. Is there any good documentation on how to automate testing of multiplayer interaction. My plan is to have a base script which instantiate multiple instances of the game and then connects to them using e.g. UDP locally or over the network and then through UDP drive the players to do stuff and see what the others instance experience and asert values on that side.

What is the best practices and suggestions which have been tested and worked in reality?

Do any one have any good experience of good test platform tools as the unity test runner seams to be a small fix to be able to say they have testing in unity? I think of systems like: https://www.guru99.com/automated-testing-tools.html



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